Redhill School


We strive to weave (whatu) our school values, expectations and qualities within the wairua (spirit of our students).

At Red Hill School - We are our own Taonga. (Treasure).

We work with students in four key areas -

Taha tinana (Physical health)

physical growth and development.

Taha wairua (Spiritual health)

faith and wider communication.

Taha whānau (Family health)

to belong, to care and to share.

Taha hinengaro (Mental health)

to communicate, to think and to feel.

We encourage whanau to share their ideas about how the school can continue to encourage our children to value themselves for the treasure that they are and the positive impact they can have on and with others.


Every year the school adopts a whakatauki which captures the journey we are about to embark on in the coming year.


Respect, Responsibility, Honesty,

Tolerance and Co operation.

These values were selected as the values which would help support the growth of our children as citizens of New Zealand. They are woven through the fabric of the school curriculum and underpin the culture in our school.