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Learning Support

Red Hill School Board of Trustees

Mr David Hopkins (Chair), Charlotte Castle (Principal), Patricia Edwards, Kaela Daniels, Millie Moerua, and David Denny form our current Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees ( BOT) works closely with the Principal and staff of Red Hill School to ensure every child is supported in their learning.

We are excited to see the development of the new school building project with the completion of phase one at the end of Term Two. This has taken a number of years working with the Ministry Of Education to become a reality. The Principal, leaders and teachers have worked to ensure the transition from the current work spaces to the new school, when it is finished, is a smooth one.

The BOT has been impressed with the changes taking place across the school as teachers and students teach and learn together. Our Year 5 to 8 students have been working with digital devices for four years now. Leaders and teachers report stronger engagement in learning (particularly for boys) and students who are using a wide range of sources to access and use information which they then use to create something new which they can share with others.

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