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Dear Whanau,

As part of our partnership with 'I am hope' we are part of the Counselling in School Programme 2023, therefore we will be having an intern counsellor from M.I.T. His brief has been attached to this blog for your reference and Student brochure.

What does this mean?

MIT intern counsellors are on a learning journey and require opportunities to grow their counselling skills. They are passionate about child wellbeing and mental health and offer a wonderful service to our tamariki. Under the UN Rights of the Child and the Health and Disability Act children are entitled to health services and this includes counselling support. Conversations held in counselling are private and confidential and will not be shared with anyone unless the child gives permission for that to happen, OR: there is a risk of harm to them or someone else. Conversations with the child about Informed consent are ongoing; not just as a one-off conversation. Counselling is NOT compulsory, and children do not HAVE to go to counselling. Self-referral forms are available for students in Years 7-8. The information in this form will be shared with the counsellor only. Part of the learning required by MIT includes a recording of a session with the consent of the student and their caregivers. Appropriate consent forms will be sent out at the time.

Intern Counsellor Scope of Practice: To ensure best practice intern counsellors’ scope of practice is limited, based on the assumption that they are in their 1st and 2nd year of placement. The intern counsellors will be able to work with students who want help with the following challenges:

  • Grief & Loss,

  • Family Issues,

  • Anger,

  • Sadness,

  • Stress,

  • Symptoms of Anxiety,

  • Peer Relationship/Friendship Issues,

  • Bullying,

  • Sleep Issues,

  • Gender & Sexuality Concerns.

  • Newly Enrolled Students

If the Clinical Lead deems it suitable, some intern counsellors can provide counselling surrounding additional issues.

Generally, our intern counsellors will not be working with students if the student meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Is currently seeing another mental health professional

  • Is in Year 0-6 and does not have parental agreement*

  • Has High Complex Needs

  • Has undisclosed self-harm injuries (no other trusted adult is aware)

How do you put a referral for a student forward? Pathway Step-By-Step Guide There are two different referral pathways: SLP Pathway - Referrals made to Whaea Shelly This pathway applies to the following parties: Whanau Teacher/Staff SWiS Student/Self (Year 0-8) When any party above deems that a student would benefit from counselling, they will discuss it with the School Liaison Person (SLP). - Whaea Shelly The SLP will review these cases and if the student fits the criteria, the Google form in the School Google Drive is completed. The intern counsellor will receive the referral and will contact the student to arrange a counselling session. Self/Paper Referral Pathway This pathway applies to students in Years 7-8. At least one referral box will be set up at an appropriate location for Years 7 & 8 students to access - KERERU hub A student who wants to refer can fill out the paper referral form and insert it into the box. The intern counsellor will check the referral box regularly, reviewing cases and ensuring they meet the required criteria. For each case, the intern counsellor will fill out the Google Form in the School’s drive. The intern counsellor will contact the student to arrange a counselling session.

If you have any questions at all about the process please come have a chat with me.

Kind regards

Whaea Shelly

Counselling for young people brochure
Download PDF • 5.94MB

Joshua Denny introduction Redhill
Download ODT • 42KB


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