He waka eke noa - We are all in this together


Charlotte Castle

Senior Management Team

Ruth Kereopa

Kaiwhakahaere o tiaki Kaiparato

(Director of Pastoral Care - Seniors)

Senior Leader Y5-8

(Y7-8 Teacher)

Health and PE Leadership/SportSchoolwide ExperiencesYr 7/8 Tranistion to High School

Thomas Jack

Kaiwhakahaere o tiaki Kaiparato

(Director of Pastoral Care - Juniors)

Senior Leader Y1-4

(Y2-3 Teacher)

Digital Lead TeacherCulturally Responsive PracticeBeginning Teacher SupportCultural Group Leadership (Te Reo)

Junior Team

Whaea Aria

Year 1/2

Matua Thomas

Year 2/3

Whaea Reta

Year 3/4

Matua Ron

Year 3/4/

Senior Team

Matua Nigel

Year 5/6

Matua Cloud

Year 5/6

Intermediate Team

Ms Kereopa

Year 7/8


Year 7/8

Support Staff

Miss Holtom

Learning Support Coordinator

Whaea Hera

Behaviour Support

Miss Parker

Learning Support/Resources

Whaea Jess

Special Needs Support

Miss Amy

Learning Support

Whaea Te Aroha

Learning Support

Whaea Janita

Learning Support

Whaea Sharissa

Learning Support

Matua Hemi

Behaviour Support
Matua PaulProperty Manager

Administration Team

Mrs Catherine Mac


Mrs Glenda Morris

Executive officer

Release teachers team

Whaea Elena


Ruth J