Red Hill Primary welcomes all children from our community into  Years 0-8 

Enrolling at Red Hill.

We operate an enrolment zone, which means anyone from within a certain range of streets will automatically be accepted. We are unable to enrol children from outside of that zone.

Enrolment Scheme

Enrolment at the school is governed by an enrolment scheme, details of which can be obtained from the school office. Under this scheme, students are eligible to enrol at the school if their usual place of residence is within the home zone described below.

Proof of residence within the zone will be required at the time of enrolment.

Home Zone ( also see attached map)

Starting at the intersection of Settlement Road and Dominion Road, included in zone are 109 – 133. Then includes both sides of Settlement Road  ( 160 – 260 and 135 – 185).

Includes both sides of Red Hill Road( 1 – 160) including Redmont Place.

Includes Dominion Road, travelling south from intersection of Dominion Road and Settlement Road, to intersection with Hunua Road (159 – 173,and 218 – 256). Including Dent Place ( 2 – 16) and Croskey Road( 12 – 16).

Includes Makedo Place ( 1 – 11).

Includes the section of Hunua Road ( 140  - 700,94-489) as far as Ardmore Quarry Road / Hays Creek Road ( excluded).All residential addresses on both sides of boundary roads and all no exit roads off included sides of boundary roads are included in the zone unless otherwise stated.

What happens if you move out of zone?

The Ministry of Education states that when a School has a zone, the family must reside within that zone to be entitled to remain at the School. Should circumstances change, written notification must be given to the Board of Trustees explaining the reasons for moving out of zone and requesting permission for the child to remain as a student at the school. Under Section 110A of the Education Act 1989, unless the parents can give a satisfactory explanation, the Board may annul the enrolment. Each case will be taken on its own merit and immediate notification is advised, as not informing the school could be viewed as an intent to deceive.

We appreciate early notice of likely enrolments, as it assists in our planning. That can just be a phone call or email to the school office - 

Red Hill School encourages school visits for all new enrolments but especially those who are starting school for the first time. This offers parents/caregivers an insight into how school runs, and children a friendly introduction to school life.

Each term there are set dates for Preschool visits. These are typically on a Wednesday morning however there are the occasional Thursday morning blocks of time too. Please contact the school office for details of these visit times.