Redhill Kindergarten.

Red Hill Kindergarten is located in the grounds of Red Hill Primary School. They have a whānau-based enrolment system where siblings can be enrolled to attend together, and offer sessions for 2 -5 year old children.

Our kindergarten is a family based centre where children and family are important and respected through positive relationships that encourage a sense of wellbeing and belonging. 

They have a high quality programme and environment where their emphasis is based on respect for ourselves, others, and our environment.  Children are encouraged and supported to discover and learn through play. 

They value life skills which are a big part of our programme.  Learning to care for our health, cooking and gardening are a cornerstone of their programme.  The children are very happy, settled and highly engaged within the programme.

Visitors are welcome.  Please come in with your child and visit during the session and find out more about Red Hill Kindergarten. 

Please visit the following website for session details and further information.